6 Guides to Persuasion and Influence in Growing Sales

How can you ensure that your customers always purchase your products or services? The answer is to use persuasion and influence their behavior in the long term. Persuasion is the art of getting someone to say yes. This is a question many salespeople and managers would like to master to increase sales.

According to Robert Cialdini a professor of Psychology in his book Influence: Science and Practice; if you practice the below concepts of influence you will have your customer eating from your palm. 

Guides of Persuasion and Influence


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This means giving back. “Give and you shall receive” is used by many preachers but it works. Why? People feel obligated to buy from people who have given them something or have given them business.

  • People don’t like feeling indebted, especially if you are good to them and when you give you don’t ask for anything in return. For example, I bought these African printed bags and sweaters from my neighbor because I liked the designs. During our interaction, I told her that I sell insurance. So when she needed insurance for her new car, she called me.
  • This persuasion and Influence concept has been used widely as a selling strategy. That is why we print calendars, diaries, and branded pens and t-shirts at the beginning of the year so that your brand is visible on your client’s desk all year long.
  • However, this concept has to be used ethically because it can easily be abused, it’s a thin line between a bribe and a gift. Companies should have a policy as to what kind of gift is acceptable. 

**Key is to be the first one to give, personalized the gift, and let it be unexpected 


People want what they cannot easily have. If you tell someone they can’t have something, the person will want to get that thing more.

  • FOMO (fear of missing out) has influenced buying patterns. That is why when there is a limited number of an item, people want to buy it urgently because it is scarce. 
  • That is why Diamonds are expensive since only a few people can afford them and the fact that it is a rare stone. If there were diamonds all over, they would not be as expensive and converted by many.
  • In marketing, we use this concept in many call-to-order plays on this principle. “Buy now while stocks last”, “buy now to get the discount”, “if you register now you will get extra benefits”.

**Key is to tell people the value and what they stand to lose more than the benefit of your services or product.


It’s easier to sell something if someone likes you. With persuasion and influence you will make people like you?

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  • The more genuine Similarities you share with someone, the more the person identifies with you. Research your contact person or customer to find out your prospect’s hobbies/liking are? These days you can find information from their social media accounts. Be observant, if you have a meeting and the client has pictures of children on their desk, you can mention that you are a parent too, this is a good ice breaker.
  • Compliments: People like people who like them and say so. People like to talk about themselves, if you ask them or comment on something they have achieved, they will most likely tell you more. People will tell you what they are proud of if you just ask. 
  • Attractive people get more results; If people like how you look, they are more likely to buy from you since they would like to be associated with you. Your image has to sell you first because first impressions do matter. This is why many male decision-makers buy from beautiful female salespeople girls than a male salesperson. That is why it’s a good idea to put on some make-up if and only if it will improve your attractiveness. 

**Key is to be genuine and learn about your client.

Consensus- We buy things if many other people like us buy the product or service.

  • That is how “keeping up with the Jones” works for salespeople. Do you buy products because you identify with certain social matters like if you are vegan you tend to buy from other vegan businesses? Recycle because you believe in saving the earth
  • This is very common these days because of social media. Many people are buying things online because people they like or identify with are buying a product. Influencers have become more common especially because many people are buying online.  
  • You will fail if you ignore digital platforms in selling. People only need to see other people on the internet buying or recommending products to buy. Even traditional industries like insurance are coming up with ways to sell through digital platforms.

**key is to show that many people have benefited from your services and benefits. 

“Often we don’t realize that our attitude toward something has been influenced by the number of times we have been exposed to it in the past.”
Robert B. Cialdini,


People buy from people who show authority in the service or product. Ensure you are selling to the person who has the authority to buy. If it household stuff the woman in the house is the one who decided, if it’s insurance, then this may be both. 

  • This is the reason people wear uniforms because the uniform is proof of authority. The judge wears a black robe to emphasize their authority. The policeman is an ordinary guy without his uniform, the doctor with a white coat makes them more trusted
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  • Do you sound like you know what you’re talking about? This is one of the reasons people choose you because you seem to be competent. For example, an Insurance agent is seen to be the authority or expert in insurance matters. Many people don’t even want to learn about insurance because they have an agent who knows what’s going on in the market and they will ensure that the decision they have made is good because the agent has advised them. Agents build trust and credibility.
  • If you look like you have the authority to make a decision will ensure you win and close the sale. So when closing makes you can make decisions or go with someone who is in authority to make the decision. The CEO will meet the other CEO when making the final decision on a buy especially when it involves large amounts of money.
  • This is the reason people wear uniforms because the uniform is proof of authority. The judge wears a black robe to emphasize their authority. The policeman is an ordinary guy without his uniform, the doctor with a white coat makes them more trusted.

**key is to have someone tell the client about you, through testimonial, that is why referrals are better from partners who have experienced the benefit of the service. Good reviews.

Commitment and Consistency – 

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People commit to what they know and will identify with something they do consistently. 

  • If you can go get someone to agree to something small, then if I keep at it I will convince you to agree to something bigger. That is why there are trial and introductory offers. The product give-away, I give you a free offer to share skill for one week then I become a share skill user and will most likely buy the full monthly or annual offer.

**Key is to have the client have a small initial commitment before you ask for the big one. Start with motor insurance then grow into family medical insurance and then gradually to company medical insurance.