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Discover Wangari’s Happy Life Purpose


Hey there, Am Wangari Ng’ang’a from Nairobi, Kenya. My life purpose is to improve the world by sharing my knowledge, lessons, and life as I live a happy, healthy, and prosperous life while achieving my dreams and goals.

The purpose of this blog is to share my journey to wealth creation and my pursuit of happiness as I learn, unlearn and re-learn aspects of life and create my HAPPY.

I will guide you through your personal growth at any age you want to start the journey and ensure prosperity, wealth, great connections and have FUN as you do it. I will help you better understand goal setting, finances, career, small business, investment, insurance, and all other facets of life.

My Work Life

Am happiest working with people, creating relationships, and solving problems. 

Am interested in the psychology of people. Being genuine in what your selling and being available with a solution in case of a problem is what customers want. Good field research and excellent communication will ensure an excellent client experience, sales and, revenue targets are met. 

I learned how to sell through sales teams, agents and brokers while creating lasting relationships in the market. I run a business that has taught me the important aspects and challenges of a small business 

My writing Life

I love reading, this is evidence by the number of books in my house, though I have changed with the times and read more online than physical books. Though my bookshelf makes a good addition to the interior design of my living room. 

I was a slow reader but started reading seriously in high school, I read all kinds of books, all the time, everywhere. In class, in the cafeteria, at assembly, this was not accepted in the strict boarding school I went to, especially since I was not reading the set books given. Of course, this means I ended up being punished a lot. I guess that was my rebellion stage. This is also when I started my hand in writing short stories and journaling.

I dreamt of getting a job in a publishing house and being a renowned journalist, with Carole Mandi the publisher of Truelove magazine as my mentor. However, this is not the path that my life took. I needed to do something that would get me a “proper” job, so off to university, I went to study business and marketing. Then got a job in insurance and the rest is history. 

Life Purpose – Why Am Doing This

I aim to be wealthy, do the work that I enjoy most, learn every day, be part of a family and community whose values I agree with, and be the best version of myself. 

Am a wife and a mommy to two beautiful girls. Daughter, Sister, and friend to many. These people are the reason I wake up in the morning. It is why am living a good and peaceful life. They are my support system. Knowing I have people on my side is always reassuring in this life. I enjoy holidays with family and friends because that is when we are most HAPPY.


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