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LIFE IQ Empowering Africans with Financial Literacy

At Life IQ we build confidence in Girls and women by empowering them with financial and insurance knowledge and skills so that they can live the lifestyle they choose and prefer.

Financial literacy is a key aspect of building wealth. If you don’t know about money, you will not be confident enough to make financial decisions that impact your family and community as well.

What I know for sure is that once a woman has her money and money matters in order, she is confident and will make a good impact on the community at large.

Life IQ is committed to providing financial education and guidance to empower women and women-owned businesses in Africa. By helping women we help the community as a whole to be more financially literate, financially free, and wealthy today and for generations to come.

Money is a tricky subject. Most of our grandmothers only talked about money in whispers because they were not allowed to open bank accounts or have their own money.

However, women still found a way to keep a stash of money in the “itara” (Kikuyu traditional piggy bank for the women of the house) to buy salt and women’s things.

Financial literacy for women today means that women and girls can decide on how to utilize their income and other resources and/or jointly make those decisions.

Women will have the skills and resources to improve their economic status and move families out of poverty.


85 percent of women control their families’ day-to-day finances, but few control long-term financial planning decisions. (UBS Media)

Even with 15 years’ experience in the corporate financial sector and personal finances advisor to friends, family and acquaintances. I can’t call myself an “expert” but I will endeavor to educate girls and women about money will all my skills and knowledge I have.

Our journey with Financial literacy and insurance advisory

LIFE IQ is a Financial Literacy and Insurance Advisory services company in Nairobi, Kenya.

Financial literacyAm Wangari Ng’ang’a, Founder of Life IQ. With over a decade years of experience in financial services, 5 years in writing content, and training in sales and digital marketing.

I have guided my clients to make sound financial decisions to secure a wealthy future for their families and business and scaled their businesses with digital sales.

Am passionate about women and empowering women and girls with finances. 

We help women and small businesses to learn about finances because women are more knowledgeable about money and money matters.

In my years in this business i have noticed that the emotion associated to finances and insurance among women is is fear! Fear of losing money, fear of not know how to invest money, fear on how to spend it or not spend it.

I would like to change this emotion towards money. The emotion I would like to be associated with finances and insurance is CONFIDENCE! Women are more confident when they have their money and money matters in order.

I would like to give girls and women the information, knowledge and education on finance and insurance so that they are more confident when making decisions on the subject.

  • We help you understand what you’re getting by demystifying and explaining confusing and ambiguous financial and insurance jargon. 
  • We help you compare and choose the best products and companies to suit your unique needs and budget. 
  • We give you pride ourselves in our personalized service and communication style by being available at all times and assisting in customer service and claims follow-up 
  • We ensure transparency in all our dealings by ensuring we continuously provide relevant information to keep you updated on the best practice in financial, insurance, and content marketing throughout the years. 

We partner with all major financial institutions in Kenya like Jubilee, Prudential, AAR, old mutual UAP, CIC, ICEA, and Fidelity Insurance. 

We have protected over 100 families and am working with over 50 small businesses to make a difference in our corner of the world.

Email: or

Telephone: +254 750 552086

Nairobi Kenya.

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